The Dirty Gardener Ceanothus Integerrimus Wildcrafted Deer Bush

The Dirty Gardener

$ 5.00 


Green barked shrubs with lush, light green leaves that are pale under and deeper green above - that burst forth with an abundance of creamy white flowers in the late Winter or early Spring. A Wonderful shrub from the Oak Woodlands of the Sierra foothills. Evergreen shrubs or small trees to twelve feet tall or so, fast growing, deer resistant once taller than they are, and with very few pests. These can flower in their second year, with a larger and more exuberant display with each passing year. Spent flowers fall cleanly, or turn into artistic three pointed seed capsules that explosively release their seeds in Summer!

  • This California lilac provides early spring blooms from March to April
  • Shrub can quickly grow up to 12 feet tall
  • Prefers full sun but also grows well in partial shade
  • Drought tolerant and easy to care for
  • Resistant to deer once they have grown taller than they are

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