The Dirty Gardener Wildflower Perennial Seed Mix, 3 Grams

The Dirty Gardener: Seed; Perennial

$ 2.96 


Wildflower perennial long-lasting color! Beauty with bright, vivid, colors year after year. Grow a kaleidoscope! A hardy mix of 15 perennials. Make a natural garden to enjoy all summer! type: perennial. Light: sun/part shade. height: 2-3'. Late spring to fall mixture contains: lupine, blanket flower, Siberian wallflower, lance-leaved coreopsis, sweet William, purple coneflower, California poppy, prairie coneflower, red Mexican hat, gloriosa daisy, black-eyed SUSAn, Alaska Shasta daisy, blue flax, columbine MckanaÕs giant, foxglove.

  • This wildflower mix provides an absolute stunning array of vibrant color
  • A hardy mix of 15 different species of perennials
  • These gorgeous flowers bloom from spring through fall
  • See description for a full list of blooms
  • Non-GMO seeds are packed weekly and have great germination rates

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