The Dirty Gardener Tropica Brevifolia Yucca Joshua Tree, 10 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

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Tropica - Joshua Tree (Yucca brevifolia) - 10 Seeds. Worth knowing: The Joshua Tree belongs to the dagger plants and is known to most people for its numerous appearances in western. Today's name was given to the plant by the Mormons since it reminded them of the Hebraic leader who raised his arms towards the sky. The Joshua Tree grows slow and doesn't stand low temperatures. Placed in a well-protected location the plant therefore can also survive very mild winters outdoors. Origin: Home in the North American Mojave Desert. Propagation: Seeds can be started indoors any time throughout the year. A pre-preparation of the seeds is not necessary. Scatter the seeds onto moist seed starting soil and cover them with another layer of soil. Place the planting medium in a warm location. With temperatures of 20 to 22å¡C, germination follows after 2 to 3 weeks - sometimes, however, it may as well take 6 to 7 weeks. Place / Light: A warm and sunny spot is the ideal place for the characteristic growth of the Joshua Tree. If the leaves start hanging down, the place is too dark. Care: Water little as long as the shoots are young and protect the plant from draught. Keep the Joshua Tree evenly moist. A momentary dryness, however, does not harm the plant. The soil-mixture should be nutrient-rich and may as well contain clay or sand. Supply the tree with tub plant fertilizer every 2 to 3 weeks from April until September. Winter period: Place the Joshua Tree as bright as possible, with temperatures between 5 and 20å¡C and water little. Leaves die from bottom up and cover the stem afterwards. Bonsai Suitability: No.

  • Makes a fantastic accent tree in desert climates
  • Produces white flowers in summer
  • Grows up to 45 feet tall and well suited to hot, dry conditions and full sun
  • Features spiky, spiny leaves and is spectacularly well defended

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