Mirage Bermudagrass Seed 25# From The Dirty Gardener

The Dirty Gardener

$ 485.00 


If you're looking for a turf for golf courses, polo fields or other sports venues, Mirage I or II Bermuda is one awesome performer. Attractive as well as durable. This bermuda has exceptional functionality in a wide range of applications. Engineered for superior wear, Mirage stands up to the heaviest traffic and - if injured - recovers rapidly. Add to that an excellent tolerance for heat (up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit) in dry or tropical climates and outstanding performance in full sun for a drought-tolerant variety of Bermuda grass that's ideal for: Sports fields Golf courses Country clubs Parks Recreation areas High schools Colleges Homes with children and pets And more... Surprisingly, Mirage is also tolerant of moderate shade. But it's really no surprise the Dirty Gardener only offers the best rated products in the industry.

  • Well Packed and ready to ship with Great Germination Rates.
  • Warm Season
  • Coated Bermuda Grass Seed for Maximum Growth.
  • Fast Shipping from the Dirty Gardener
  • Mirage I or Mirage II may ship depending on Availability.

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