Moss Melt- Professional Moss Killer & Algae Herbicide Organic! 1 Gallon

The Dirty Gardener

$ 99.99 $ 129.00


Moss can be a big problem if left untreated; it can damage roofs, smother lawns and create a slip hazard on hard surfaces. Moss Melt from Green Spear is an environmentally safe, cost effective solution for moss removal and treatment.

If you've struggled with moss problems, melt the problem away...


Lawns - Turf - Around Border Plants - Roofs - Driveways - Fences - Decks - Siding - Steps - Patios - And Other Outdoor Surfaces Including Composition Shingles - Wood - Asphalt - Concrete - Brick - Tile - Stone and Plastic Resins

Fast Acting - visual results in 1-3 days
Low Dose Technology - 9 oz treats 1,000 sq. ft.
Effective - university and independently tested
Multi-Site Use - a single product for hard surfaces, roofs, landscape areas and turf applications
Cost Effective - lower cost than standard moss pesticides
Moss Melt Herbicide is registered for professional use only
Safe to Nearby Plants - when used at the recommended 2% spray solution
No Unpleasant Odor - leaves a citrus scent
Non Staining – does not stain treated hard surfaces, roofs or siding
Worker Safety - low “Caution” signal word
Organic Listed - low environmental impact

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