The Dirty Gardener Purple Flowering Crown Vetch

The Dirty Gardener

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Crown vetch seed produces a food plot that makes excellent cover for quail and good grazing forage for deer. In fact, deer love to graze on crown vetch which has crude protein and fiber content similar to other forage legumes. Crown Vetch will shed seeds through the summer for quail and other game birds such as turkey and pheasant. Crown Vetch is a perennial legume that is slow to establish but eventually spreads quickly from rhizomes and seeds. Well adapted to most soils in the U.S. but not adapted to the Deep South, it will provide a permanent ground cover and is a good erosion control plant. Important Warning About Crown Vetch. Crown vetch can be an INVASIVE plant and should NOT be planted in lawns or crop areas. It can be difficult to remove once established. This plant item is intended for use in certain situations such as for erosion control in difficult to access hillsides or slopes (Northeastern state locations), certain wildlife plantings, etc. CONTACT your local Cooperative Extension agent on the advisability of planting this item. Crown vetch's reputation for invasiveness is factored by whether it is maintained or not. Crown Vetch can be controlled and contained in a certain location by regular mowing maintenance, agricultural operations like tilling and the use of herbicide treatments.

  • Blooming crown vetch is as cute as it is functional
  • Produces sweet little purple flowers atop fern-like foliage
  • Helps loosen soil and boost its nitrogen levels
  • Popular feed crop for cattle, horses and rabbits
  • Grows well in most soil types in zones 1-11

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