The Dirty Gardener Gulf Annual Ryegrass Seed

The Dirty Gardener

$ 19.90 


Annual ryegrass (Italian Ryegrass) is a very popular grass for overseeding Southern pastures for winter forage. It is also used to overseed warm season lawn grasses to provide a green, economical grass cover from fall to spring. Lawns: 5-10 lbs. / per 1000 sq. ft Gulf Annual Is Most Popular. Pastures: 25-35 lbs. broadcast. / 20 lbs. drilled. Harrow or aerate for best results to make good seed / soil contact.

  • This rye is a fast growing annual grass
  • Grows well in both sunny and shady areas
  • Great for overseeding established lawns
  • Rich green color matches most lawns
  • Grows well in zones 1-11

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