Campanula Carpatica Tussock Bellflower Flowers, 100 Seeds

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Campanula carpatica, the tussock bellflower or Carpathian harebell, is a species of flowering plant in the family campanulaceae, native to the Carpathian Mountains of central Europe. It is a low-growing herbaceous perennial, with long stems bearing solitary blue bell-shaped flowers. Perennial- zones 3-8. Blooms May- July. Sun/part shade, any soil type.

  • This sweet little flower has light purple bell-shaped blossoms
  • Blooms from early May into July and grows from 8 to 18 inches tall
  • Plant once and these beauties will come back year after year
  • Easy to grow, low maintenance and mostly disease and pest resistant
  • Thrive in full sun but also do well in partial shade

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