Soil Sentinel All Natural Soil Amendment Fertilizer

NanoQuantics, Inc.

$ 12.99 


Soil sentinel agricultural & horticultural concentrate soil sentinel is an all-natural, USDA approved, bio-based liquid soil amendment that is made in the commonwealth of Virginia. Some soil sentinel facts:1. Soil sentinel is a bio-polymer formed from bacteria. Similar in function to yeast, when this bacterium is fermented it produces one of the longest and strongest biopolymers known to exist. Soil sentinel contains the biopolymer, not the bacteria.2. This bio-polymer has two unique characteristics: a. It is hydroscopic, meaning that it absorbs and releases moisture. In this case the absorption and release is in measured quantities, so as to mitigate over-watering or over-drying of the plant's root system. It creates a bio-matrix in the treated soil. This bio-matrix helps break the ionic bonding of nutrients and micronutrients in the soil and creates a pathway to transfer moisture and nutrients by hydroscopic action to the root system.2. Roots can only access nutrients that they touch directly in situ, or nutrients transported to them via moisture. Since soil sentinel produces a hydroscopic bio-matrix in treated soil the entire treated area becomes an "extension of the access pathway" for the root system.3. As a result, heretofore unavailable nutrients are able to reach the root system and nourish the plant. As a baseline, soil sentinel is expected to reduce usage of fertilizer by 1/3 and water by 1/3, while producing much better results. You will definitely see a difference without the considerable extra cost for extra water and expensive fertilizers.4. Soil sentinel agricultural & horticultural concentrate is easy to apply. Mix 1 gallon of soil sentinel concentrate with 9 gallons of water. 1 gallon of mixed soil sentinel will treat 125 to 250 sq. ft. Of soil at a depth of 3 - 6 inches. Mixture can be applied to tilled soil, seeds when planting, lawn aeration/seeding or soil of a new or existing potted plant.

  • Bio-Based liquid soil amendment is easy to apply
  • Retains moisture and releases it to feed your plants root system
  • Mitigates drought and overwatering
  • Conditions the soil and creates an active root system
  • USDA approved and can be applied to tilled soils, seeds when planted and existing lawns and plants

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