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Kelp Help! is an all purpose biologically active liquid plant auxiliary applied to plants, soils, and seeds.


Stimulates microbial activity to improve germination, growth, yields, product quality, reproduction, flavor, color, and many other desirable attributes.
Can be used as a root drench or a foliar.
Completely water soluble and taken up immediately through foliage and/or roots.
Humic acid aids in complete nutrient uptake.
Processed with pure mountain spring water – no chemicals!
Your plants will be strong and healthy enabling the plant to fight off pests and diseases!

Studies by Dr. Senn, kelp guru, found kelp to increase plant hardiness, and resistance to adverse environmental conditions, such as frost, drought, and extreme heat.

Available in quarts, 1 gal, 2.5 gal, 5 gal, 55 gal drums, 275 gal totes, and tanker loads. Please contact us for your local distributor.


Is a food base for microbial activity.
Excellent for compost teas.
Can be mixed with virtually any other inputs.
Can be used anytime throughout the growing season.
No run off into riparian environments
No phytotoxicity, no toxic effects on plant growth.


Native_Nutrients-FeedingChart2Bull kelp, Nereocystis luetkeana, from the north coast of California, is the main ingredient for our product—Kelp Help. The kelp lives it’s entire life in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean deriving it’s nutrient value from the 92 minerals available in the ocean. Native Nutrients, LLC produces Kelp Help in such a way as to make all nutrients in the kelp immediately available for plant uptake. We use a cold extraction process, no heat, which when completed leaves all nutrients intact and water soluble for plant uptake.

Humic acid, completely water soluble, derived from Leonardite Shale, is then blended into the kelp solution with pure, Marble Mountain spring water. The water has no fluorides, chlorides, chloramines or any other chemical added to most treated drinking waters throughout our country. This makes Kelp Help the finest, purest auxiliary plant and soil substance obtainable with all ingredients from America’s Western States, hence Native Nutrients, LLC.

Application Rates


Agitate (shake well) before using, for a homogeneous product. Prepare for one application only.
Mix well with water. Minimum dilution rate: KELP – 2 oz. per one gallon of water.
Use all mixed solution. Do not store in diluted form.
Wash hands and all equipment thoroughly after use.



Use 4 ounces per gallon of water.
Mix into compost every 2-3 weeks.
Use for any type of tree crop, row crop, berries and pastures.

Most growers will use approximately 1.5 to 2 gallons per acre per growing season.

It is usually used as a foliar and will easily flow through any type of fertigation system.

Three to four applications, early, mid and pre-harvest is typical. Approximately half a gallon per application.

*All measurements are per US GAL. Use non-chlorinated water for best results.

*DISCLAIMER: Native Nutrients application rates are suggestions for plant growth. Plants may differ. Always watch your plant to tell what nutrients they may or may not need.

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