The Dirty Gardener Gaillardia Aristata Pinwheel Blanket Flowers - 150,000 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

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Botanical Name: Gaillardia aristata. Common Name: Blanket Flower. Type: Perennial. Returns each spring from same roots, forming expanding clump. Blooms second spring from seed. Color: The famous red and yellow ÒpinwheelÓ. Height: Up to 3 ft. Bloom Time: Mid and late season. Flower: Daisy-like. Sun/Shade: Needs full sun. Soil Preferences: Hot, dry, sandy conditions are best, but this species is adaptable. Moisture Requirements: Average to Dry. Where to Grow It: Native to plains regions, but can be grown in all regions. Zones: 3-10 Native from Canada to Florida. Indigenous to: North American plains.

  • This tall, stunning beauty produces vibrant yellow petals with red centers
  • Use as a background in flower gardens, along fences or in meadows
  • Long lasting blooms from late spring right into fall
  • Grows from 2 to 4 feet tall and does best in dry to medium wet soils
  • Perfect as a cut flower in bouquets and dried arrangements

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