The Dirty Gardener Ambrosia Sweet Corn, 1 Pound

The Dirty Gardener

$ 15.49 


Ambrosia Sweet Corn - The Dirty Gardener prefers it lightly salted and dripping with butter!! Homozygous, sugary enhancer with great eating quality, this bicolor is a wonderful variety for home gardens, roadside stands, and shipping. This variety features early vigor and a high tolerance to Stewarts Wilt and Northern Corn Leaf Blight. 8" ear, 20" ear height, 16 row count. Plants are 6 1/2' tall. 75 days. Seed Planting Information: Planting Depth - 1 1/2" Seed Spacing - 4-6" Spacing Between Rows - 30-36" Days to Germination - 5-10 Spacing after Thinning - 8-12" Days to Maturity - 75

  • Ambrosia corn is very tender and sweet
  • Produces ears which are 8-9 inches bottom to tip
  • Has both white and yellow kernels
  • Kernels hold their flavor for about 2 weeks

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