Replaces Sandbags- Water Diversion Tubes/ no mess or labor. 8' long, 12" diameter


$ 89.99 


WATER DIVERSION TUBES replace sandbags and are much easier to install, use and cleanup. Commercial grade. The perimeter anchors may be filled with water partially or totally to deliver the holdingpower required for the job site. A 8' anchor weighs about 250 pounds. A full Anchor inflates to a diameter of 12". Made for long-life performance. Our anchor bladders are made of the same material used in commercial river rafts and is made-up of hundreds of strands that are wound for strength then cross woven with strand counts of 18 in two directions to total 36 strands per square inch. This is a tear and puncture proof material under normal use. These bladders are available in 18 and 24-oz material coated with a 3-mil coating of poly vinyl cloride and heavy UV. The fill valves have a 11/4 inch diameter opening to accept larger water lines for fast filling time. The second valve is pressurized for easy emptying. For water sensitive job sites the water from the Anchor may be pumped from the Anchor back into a truck for reuse. Anchors that have been exposed to hazardous materials may be decontaminated by scrubbing techniques common in the industry. MATERIAL SPECS 22 oz. PVC One (1) Fill Port One (1) Drain Three (3) Sets of Line Pass 8 Ft. Length - Standard 12" Diameter

  • Takes the place of sandbags with no lifting
  • Re-usable bladders that are easy to fill with water
  • Divert 8' of water with one bladder
  • Heavy duty construction will last years with no cleanup
  • Fast shipping from The Dirty Gardener

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