Reusable Erosion Control Bag from The Dirty Gardener

Lindon Supply

$ 29.99 


DESCRIPTION: REC Bags are a portable and reusable sediment control and storm water runoff filtration product used for perimeter control of sediment at construction sites. REC Bags filter runoff water sediment by filtering water through the layers of strong woven outer shell and filtering inner material. REC Bags reduce erosion by temporarily ponding the runoff flow thereby allowing sediment to settle out and deposit. REC Bags are an excellent alternative to hay bales and standard silt fence. ?APPLICATIONS: REC Bags are durable and flexible and can be installed in virtually any configuration. REC Bags can be piled on top of each other to create a high berm or can be staked at the handles when positioned on high angleslopes. Someacceptableapplicationsinclude: constructionsiteperimeters,slopeseffectedby erosion, around drains or sump pumps, areas where silt fencing is impossible or difficult to install, such as: city/paved sites, frozen ground, clay or other dense ground. ?SIZE: Overall Length: Filled Length: Filled Width: Filled Weight: MATERIAL: 8 feet 7 1?2 feet 9 inches 65 - 75 pounds Unfilled REC Bags can be filled through the open end and secured closed with a 2" wide, heavy- duty Velcro closure. ????Custom knitted polyethylene, heavy duty Nylon webbing handles UV protection Burst Strength: 170 psi, minimum SeamStrength: 300pounds,minimum FEATURES: ? Durable outer filtration shell ? Multiple fill options ? Overlap Flap prevents connection gapping ? No staking required (level grade) ? Portable and reusable ? UV Protection ? Strong Velcro closure ? Rugged Handles, securely sewn

  • Multiple Fill Options
  • No staking required
  • Portable and Reusable
  • Strong Velcro Closure
  • Great for sediment control

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