The Dirty Gardener Heirloom Centaurea Cyanus Cornflower Bachelors Button Flowers, 1,000 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 1.51 


Centaurea Cyanus: A beautiful heirloom wildflower in stunning shades of blue. Can be grown in all zones as an annual. This tall variety is perfect for cut flowers, and they last long! Cornflowers can also be dried, and they keep their color well. Butterflies find them irresistible, and the flowers are edible! Planting instructions are included on the seed envelope. Seeds are stored in environmental conditions that promote seed life (Dark/Dry/Cool). Plant with confidence!

  • This tall, stunning beauty produces brilliant blue blooms
  • Attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds
  • Easy to grow and low maintenance
  • Edible flowers can be used in deserts, salads and drinks
  • Gorgeous in cut flower arrangements and press beautifully

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