Slender Wheatgrass Seed 1# From The Dirty Gardener

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Growth Characteristics: Slender wheatgrass is a bunchgrass that grows to a height of 1 to 2 frac12; feet, usually without rhizomes, but tillers freely. It starts growth in mid-spring, and seeds mature by August to September. Reproduces from seeds and tillers. Seedhead:Terminal, green to violet-tinged spike, varying from thick and dense to slender; spikelets overlapping to barely overlapping and containing 3 to 7 florets; glumes and lemmas awnless, awn-pointed, to awned; glumes nearly as long as entire spikelet. Leaves: Lower sheaths glabrous, occasionally pubescent; blades flat to somewhat rolled, of medium width and gradually tapering to the tips. Leaves are rolled in the bud; ligules short and collar-shaped; auricles small, sometimes one or both absent.

  • Native Bunchgrass
  • Grows 1-2 feet tall.
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