Southwest Wildflower Seed 1/2 Pound from The Dirty Gardener

The Dirty Gardener

$ 14.00 


Southwest Mix GENUS/SPECIES COMMON NAME TYPE COLOR HEIGHT INCHES BLOOM PERIOD Centaurea cyanus Bachelor Button A B 12-36" S, Clarkia amoena Godetia A Ro/Pi/W/R 8-14" Sp-S, Clarkia elegans Clarkia Mix A W/Pi/L 18-30" Sp-S, Coreopsis lanceolata Lance Leaf Coreopsis P Y 18-36" S-F, Coreopsis tinctoria Plains Coreopsis A Y/R 12-36" S-F, Cosmos bipinnatus Cosmos Sensation Mix A W/Pi/R/Ro 36-60" S-F, Cosmos sulphureus Sulphur Cosmos A Y/O 30-40" S-F, Dimorphotheca aurantiaca African Daisy A O/W 8-16" S-F, Eschscholzia californica California Poppy TP Y/O 12-18" Sp-S, Gaillardia pulchella Indian Blanket A Y-R 12-24" S, Gilia tricolor Bird's Eye A L/W 12-18" Sp, Gypsophila elegans Baby's Breath A W 8-18" S, Linaria maroccana Spurred Snapdragon A Pi/Y/V 12-24" Sp-S, Linum lewisii Blue Flax P B 18-30" Sp-S, Linum rubrum Scarlet Flax A R 12-36" S, Lobularia maritima Alyssum TP W 8-16" Sp-F, Lupinus succulentus Arroyo Lupine A B 24-48" Sp-S, Nemophila menziesii Baby Blue Eyes A B 4-12" Sp-S, Papaver rhoeas Corn Poppy A R 24-36" S, Ratibida columnifera Prairie Coneflower B/P Y 12-24" S, Rudbeckia hirta Gloriosa Daisy A/B/P Y/R 24-36" S-F, SEEDS/LB: 510,000

  • Flower Seed suitable for the SW
  • Low rainfall needed
  • A beautiful arrangement of both Perennial and annual flower seed
  • Over 500,000 Seeds per pound
  • Fast Shipping From The Dirty Gardener

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