Sunn Hemp Seed 50# Crotolaria juncea Warm season legume cover crop from The Dirty Gardener

The Dirty Gardener

$ 99.99 


One of the biggest cover crops in the world and popular in most warm climates. Crotolaria juncea Warm season legume cover crop. Sunn hemp is a tropical legume whose claim to fame is that 60 days from planting it is typically over 6 feet tall, adds 100 pounds of Nitrogen, translocates from the subsoil to the topsoil 10 pounds of residual Phosphorus and 80 pounds of residual Potash, supplies 4 tons of organic matter, suppresses rootknot and reniform nematodes, greatly suppresses weeds, is a great soil builder, increases drought tolerance and yield and cash value of the next crop. The leaves of sunn hemp are 30 % protein. Both goats and deer thrive on this crop.

  • Warm Season Cover Crop Seed
  • 6' in 60 days!
  • Adds 100 pounds of Nitrogen to the soil.
  • This really is a natural, miracle cover crop in warmer climates.
  • Fast Shipping From The Dirty Gardener directly from our SE Warehouse.

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