Switchgrass Seed 1# Bulk Pounds From The Dirty Gardener

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Switchgrass Seed Description Switchgrass seeds are planted and grown for many uses. Being a native grass of the United States, it is used for livestock, erosion control, wildlife, and as a biofuel source. Switchgrass seeds are planted for livestock because it is a warm season grass and provides high quality hay for livestock. Switchgrass seeds are planted for erosion control because it can stabilize in many different soil types. Switchgrass seeds can be planted in strip-mine spoils, sand dunes, dikes, gullies, and other critical areas. Switchgrass seeds are also suitable planting for windbreaks in crop fields. Wildlife benefit from Switchgrass seeds being planted because it provides excellent cover for pheasants, quail, and rabbits. The Switchgrass seeds also provide food for many animals that you can find in your backyard wildlife habitat. Used as a biofuel source Switchgrass seeds are planted because of them being a warm season grass with the ability to produce moderate to high biomass yields on marginal lands. Switchgrass is a bunch grass averaging 3 to 5 feet tall. The stem of the Switchgrass seeds, once grown are round and have a red to straw color to them. Switchgrass grows naturally on prairies, open oak and pine woodlands, shores, riverbanks, and high brackish marshes along maritime forest.

  • Warm Season Native Grass
  • 1 Bulk Pounds
  • Good drought Tolerance
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