Taylor Heirloom Bush Bean- 5# Bulk Pounds From the Dirty Gardener

The Dirty Gardener

$ 19.49 


Known as a shell or horticultural bean. The lima bean is often used at the immature, green stage, but the beans are mature horticulturally. Examples of these beans, which can be shelled as they fill the pod are Scarlet Runner, and French - Taylor - Bush Horticulture beans. Beans which are used at the earlier stage as a snap bean can later be shelled. Almost any of the dried beans can be shelled in their middle growth stages. Shelled beans may be eaten fresh, canned, or frozen. Since there are many different varieties of beans, the textures and flavors vary. Choose the varieties that appeal to the family the most. Try these different varieties each spring.

  • Heirloom Seed
  • 5 Bulk Pounds!
  • Used as snap beans or shelled.
  • A delicious bean.
  • Fast shipping from The Dirty Gardener

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