Tiffany Teff Grass- Coated 5# Bulk Seed

The Dirty Gardener

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Tiffany Teff is a great warm season annual grass that offers high quality and palatability for animals. Very few disease and pest problems have occurred with Tiffany and in most locations Tiffany can be grown without use of fungicides or pesticides. Tiffany can be used as a green manure crop, a cover crop for erosion control, late season emergency crop and can be interseeded into thin stands of alfalfa. Tiffany is also suitable for double cropping! When interseeded into alfalfa, Tiffany not only adds higher yields quantities, but high quality to the forage. Tiffany is fine stemmed and is ideal for hay rotations. Tiffany's nutritive value is comparable to Timothy, but with higher quality and palatability. Tiffany is an excellent component in horse and other livestock hay. Characteristics Tiffany Teff is fine stemmed and appears like a bunchgrass. Tiffany has large crowns and numerous tillers with a shallow massive fibrous root system. Plant height at maturity can range from 3/4 feet depending on the environment. Establishment Tiffany requires a frost free growing season and will not tolerate freezing/frost/ice-sheeting. Plant Tiffany after the risk of frost has passed! Plant Tiffany at 1/8" to 1/4" depth. Adequate moisture is ideal for the crops fast germination, which occurs the first week in warm conditions. Tiffany has an initial slow growth until a good root system is established. Weed control measures similar to annual grasses or cereal grains during stand establishment are recommended. If row planting, rows should be narrow to compete with weed competition. Applicaitons of 50-60 lbs of N at planting is recommended, with small amounts of N following each cut will enhance yields of later cuts. Excessive amounts of fertilization should be avoided to prevent lodging. Management For optimal feed value, harvest cut before maturity. Cutting interval is generally 40-45 days, leaving a 3/4" stubble.

  • Great for pastures or erosion.
  • Warm Season Annual Grass
  • Low Maintenance plant.
  • 5# bulk pounds of Seed
  • Fast shipping from The Dirty Gardener

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