The Dirty Gardener Heirloom Open-Pollinated Borage, 100 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 5.34 


(Borago officinalis) Sow seeds outdoors after the danger of frost has passed. Can also be started indoors 3-4 weeks before last frost. Borage prefers ordinary well-drained soil. Thank you for supporting The Dirty Gardener's efforts to preserve our gardening heritage for future generations. Sales from our seed packets fund our mission to maintain and distribute heirloom and open-pollinated seeds. 100-Seed Packet.

  • This edible flower is as beautiful as it is functional
  • Produces vivid blue, honey-tasting blooms and leaves with the flavor of cucumbers
  • Considered a good companion plant for tomatoes, squash and strawberries
  • Attracts pollinating bees which produces higher garden yields

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