Universal Jaws Clip-heavy Duty Locking Tarp Clamp 48 Pack.

The Dirty Gardener

$ 85.99 


Pack of 6 heavy duty clips. ClimaCover's patented JAWS clip features Cam-Lock Clamping and a unique, square tooth pattern that delivers 3X the holding power of other clips. Injection molded from our own high strength plastic compound and dead load tested. Jaws clips are designed for one-handed installation to grip onto any grommet-less covering material ranging from visquene to canvas. Various covering materials will tear at different load levels. Pulling force performance tests have proven that most materials fail (tear out) before our clip fails. This clip with its superior clamping power and jaws opening gives you the versatility to anchor a tarp, cover or screen of any size and shape. Anchor with ropes, cords or hooks. We do not ship these in the retail package to keep down shipping costs.

  • 3 times the gripping power of other clips- durable construction.
  • Patented Square tooth design
  • Patented Cam lock
  • Configuration clamps to tarps, covers or screens without slipping
  • Can be hooked to ropes, bungees or cords.

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