The Dirty Gardener Hand Operated Staple Setter

The Dirty Gardener

$ 59.99 


StapleSetter fact and review notes: 1. The StapleSetter is designed to take the bending out of erosion control staple installation. The tool has no moving parts and is designed to install one staple at a time. Usually workers wear tool belts with heavy duty pouches to hold the staples and then they just walk along and install staples. If the box of staples is strategically located on the tailgate of the work truck the worker will not have to stoop over all day. 2. General description: this staple driver features a recessed magnetic grip that securely holds the staple in place as it is being driven into the ground. Quickly and easily install erosion control blankets, landscape fabric, and geotextile fabric. Perfect for use in wet areas, rough terrain, steep slopes, ditch banks, and tight spots. Use with 1" wide u-shaped 11-gauge steel staples of any length. Overall tool length: is 42". 3. The StapleSetter is designed to install the normal 1" wide 11-gauge wire staple. This tool does not require special staples or the use of single pins. 4. The StapleSetter will not jamb. Easy to clean with a staple 5. The StapleSetter can be used in many difficult situations a. Slightly frozen ground b. In water c. On steep slopes or ditch banks d. It will install staples through geotextile if the fabric is soundly on the soil below 6. The StapleSetter is made in USA: a. Steel head is tooled in Cambridge, WI. b. Steel comes from Ohio c. Wood handle comes from northern hardwoods in La Crosse, WI d. Rubber grip is manufactured in Jackson, WI e. Plating - slinger, WI f. Labels are made in Sun Prairie, WI.

  • Hand tool designed to eliminate bending of landscaping staples
  • Makes easy work of installing 11 inch staples, anchor pins and erosion stakes
  • Has no moving parts so will not jam
  • Recessed magnetic grip holds staples in place until installed
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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