The Dirty Gardener Landscapers Choice Grass Seed Mixture

Evergreen Seed

$ 11.99 


A great choice for a new or existing lawn. Landscapers choice 10# 80% 3 turf type fescues, 10% perennial ryegrass and 10% bluegrass 10# covers 1500 sq ft new, 3000 sq ft established5# 5.05 to you covers 800 sq ft established 1600 sq ft25# 22.00 to u covers 4150 sq ft established 8300 sq ft50# new covers 8300 sq ft established 16600 sq ft.

  • This premium grass seed is great for both overseeding and starting new lawns
  • Grows well in both sunny and shady areas
  • Dark green color matches most lawns
  • Available in different sizes

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