The Dirty Gardener Dryland Wildflower Mix, 10,000+ Seeds/1 Ounce

The Dirty Gardener

$ 7.99 


20 species that are drought tolerant and suitable for drier areas of the country, consisting of 35.5% Perennials and 64.5% Annuals. Contains: Arroyo Lupine, Blue Flax, Blanket flower, Tricolor Daisy, Sulphur Cosmos, California Poppy, Mexican Hat, Cornflower, and more. Planting Instructions: Scatter the seed in fall or spring and gently press or rake the seeds in, burying them no deeper than 1/8". Keep plot moist until seedlings establish. Thin to 1" between seedlings when they are 3" tall.

  • Beautiful selection of perennial and annual wildflowers
  • Specially selected drought tolerant species specifically for dry climates
  • Contains over 20 species of blooms
  • Has a high germination rate and contains no filler

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