Whitetail Institute Imperial Whitetail Extreme

Whitetail Institute Of Na

$ 149.99 


Want to plant in a food plot in poorer soil and/or harsh conditions? The result of years of research and development, Imperial Whitetail Extreme is a seed blend that will enable you to plant a successful food plot in tough soil as well as in harsh conditions. Imperial Whitetail Extreme excels with a minimum of 15 inches of rainfall a year and is cold and heat tolerant, making Extreme an excellent choice for ground that might otherwise be less-productive. Includes the highly attractive and extremely drought tolerant Persist Forb developed by Whitetail Institute specifically for deer Includes WINA-100 perennial forage chicory - vastly more tender and palatable to deer than traditional, more waxy textured chicories Extremely sweet, durable, versatile and highly attractive to deer Can tolerate annual rainfall levels as low as 15 inches per year Provides up to 44% antler-building protein Coated with Rain Bond for enhanced seedling survivability Lasts up to 5 years from a single planting Note: Neutral pH soils and higher annual rainfall can produce even better performance.

  • Perennial clovers last up to 5 years from a single planting

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