The Dirty Gardener Johnny Jump-up Flowers, 100 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

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Johnny Jump-Up: Life Cycle: Perennial. Bloom Time: Spring Ð Fall. Height: 4 - 12"Light: Mostly Sunny/Partial Shade. Color: Yellow/Purple. Zone: 3 Ð 9. Johnny Jump-Up. An old time favorite that was established in American gardens before 1700. Thomas Jefferson wrote in his gardening journal that he had sowed its seeds at Shadwell on April 1, 1767.The flowers are small and look like miniature pansies. Sow the seeds directly into the garden in early April for spring flowering and again in July for fall blooms. Cover lightly (no more than 1/16 inch) and keep moist until germination occurs (typically in 14 to 21 days at soil temperatures of 65 to 75F). Once established, the plants will often become naturalized and will re-seed themselves. They grow about eight inches tall and are covered with blooms. The flowers are small and look like miniature pansies. Cutting them back in the summer heat will encourage fall blooming. USDA zones 4 to 8.

  • Sweet little flowers are as cute as they are functional
  • This miniature pansy-like flower combines lavender, violet and canary yellow
  • Blooms from spring into fall
  • Grows from 4 to 12 inches in height and prefers full sun to partial shade
  • Wonderful to use in salads and teas

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